Scooperdive LTD Branding Guidelines

Welcome to Our Branding Guidelines

We value the consistency and quality of our brand, and these guidelines are here to help maintain that. Our branding reflects who we are as a company, and by following these guidelines, we ensure that our brand stays strong and recognizable.

Logo Guidelines

The Scooperdive LTD logo showcases a scuba diver alongside the company name. Preserving the logo's integrity in its current form is crucial. Kindly refrain from making any edits, alterations, distortions, color changes, or reconfigurations to the logo. While you have the flexibility to adjust the overall size by either reducing or enlarging it, please ensure that these modifications do not result in misrepresentation or distortion of the original image.

Scooperdive LTD Logo

Please do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the logo.

Color Guidelines

Our brand colors play a crucial role in creating a consistent and recognizable identity. Use the following colors in your designs:

Cobalt Blue

CMYK 100, 70, 0, 0

Light Blue

CMYK 85, 58, 46, 15


CMYK 0, 26, 81, 0


CMYK 0, 0, 0, 21


CMYK 0, 41, 87, 20

Imagery Guidelines

Our brand imagery style is cartoonish, capturing the sense of fun and adventure that defines us.

Tone of Voice Guidelines

We use a mix of technical, casual, and fun tones in our communication to connect with our audience.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding our branding guidelines, please feel free to contact us at